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Delivering advanced new features synonymous with the Cadillac brand. Axon is conducting a connection between users and interface like never before. Setting up the groundwork for limitless possibilities in the future by utilizing Neuralink, the most cutting edge neuro technology available. Axon believes the next evolution of Cadillac is full integration. The next evolution is now.



We have taken design influence from form studies around the human spinal structure as well as organic silk folding forms seen from fabrics overlaid on top of our skin surfaces in order to capture the essence of butterfly cocoon structures. We envisioned a vehicle that brings a calming sense to the user with embracing, curvature focused elements to create a welcoming mood that entices users to walk into our vessel with a sense of familiarity. Heavily relying on the cocoon motif allows our vessel to be perceived as a comforting yet protective shell that allows users safe passage throughout an evolving world around them.

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Once inside our vessel, users will be fully immersed in a seamless neural integration system that will allow them to feel at ease with any desired environment catered to their individual needs. We have taken heavy influence from the structures of a human brain stem in order to create a private sanctuary that represents the merging of the human consciousness and the new found comfort that evolutionary technologies can bring. The merging of the human mind, technology, and nature are seen all throughout the interior of our vessel with the reintroduction of natural elements in order to further bring the user to a state of zen while allowing our morphing structure to also give them a sense of speed and adrenaline when they so desire.

Visualization of concept

Our team has created a physical 1/5th scale Clay Model of our Cadillac Axon Vessel. This process involved communication and edits between our clay modeler Tiffany, our digital modeler John, and Cedric, the exterior designer.


Axon Gardens is designed to bring back our connection to nature while integrating technologies from the new era without overloading our inhabitants with constant blinding lights of digital interphases. We have crafted a community that incorporates functions found in nature itself. Our building is designed around the concept of the human spine structure in order to allow for an alternating balcony design that can rotate to allow for the desired sunlight that users seek.

We welcome any and all into our Garden with a sprawling commercial area upon entering that opens up to a restaurant with the view of our luscious retreat away from the city environment and access to our waterfall elevator system that will lead to our penthouse living quarters. Axon Gardens also incorporates embossed haptic technology that will form embossed pathways to guide inhabitants all around the facility with ease and comfort.

user experience

Axon provides a new approach on the user experience in that it does not rely on traditional screens or holographic projections. With the use of Neuralink integration and On-Star’s AI software, users now have access to an augmented reality system catered to their needs. The Axon personal assistant will provide users the ability to access leisure networks, see all the local social hotspots, weather data and new events around the city. UI hands-free and gestural. This seamless technology can be amplified for a unique experience once the user is inside our Vessel.

While inside, users can choose to be in our Virtual Dream state that allows them to project into any environment or scenario of their choice while the Axon Vesselis autonomously transporting the user around the city. Users also have the option of going into a Perception of Speed phase that allows our vessel to morph into a constricted cockpit environment that projects digital speed lines around the cabin as well as induce endorphins into the mind to create an exhilarating fast paced experience.


Meet the team

Cedric Le
John Delima
Tiffany Liao
Xinyue Li
Gudrun Gestsdottir